Corporate Events

We have a range of tasting events which can be booked privately for corporate and team-building purposes. Please contact us on 01273 820320 for full details. Below are ideas of tastings we have held in the past; others are available. We do of course also offer a fully bespoke service, should you have specific requirements. Tastings generally work best with a minimum of nine people, and last about two hours, although this can be altered to your choice. We will also create a quiz format, or prepare 'Call My Bluff' events, and interactive tastings, to add a competitive element if that is required.   These can be hosted by us for up to 25 people, or we can recommend a range of venues, or we will travel to a venue or your choice.

Eight Great Grapes

The purpose of this tasting is to show eight major grape varieties, four white and four red, most of which that can be found on any restaurant list or in any shop. Hopefully in introducing these varietals, their histories, where they’re grown and why they’re grown there, it will be possible for you to come to some sort of idea about which you like and why! We’ll taste a benchmark example of each variety, find out what characterises them, and also talk about what might make a good food match with each wine.

The New and Old Worlds of Wine

While the New World (USA, Australia et al) is taking over our supermarket shelves at the sub-£5 level, at the very top end of the quality spectrum it seems many of the traditional (often French) regions still reign supreme. It is in the mid-ground however, where the real battle lies, and this is where we will focus tonight’s tasting. We will take several of the classic wine producing regions of France, and compare them to their most similar emerging rivals in other parts of the World. This is your chance to learn about a wide range of wine styles, and to decide for yourself who really rules the roost!

A Journey Through France

We will guide you through a nation whose wines delight many and confuse even more!  Starting with champagne and finishing in Bordeaux, we'll take you through the iconic French wine regions and look at why they became so famous.  Tasting eight wines, the aim is to demystify the regions, to explain their wines in straightforward terms and hopefully to introduce you to their secrets.

Champagne/Sparkling Extravaganza

A once-in-a-lifetime event!  We'll start by giving you one example of the best of the rest of the world, and then move to Champagne itself, where we'll show you a range of styles including rosé, blanc de blancs, non vintage, vintage and even a prestige cuvée.  A very rare opportunity to be guided through a range of champagnes, lined up side by side.