We regularly host tastings in both of our stores, in addition to our biannual company tasting. If you would prefer we can come to you and host a private tasting.   

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Upcoming in store events


 If you’d like to book, please call the appropriate shop (Hove - 01273 820320, Brighton - 01273 553353) to confirm availability and buy your tickets by credit card (Please note we cannot ‘hold’ tickets on unpaid reserve)

Cancellation with a full refund is available, up to 7 days before the event. After this date we cannot offer a refund unless there is a waiting list for the event.


USA £20 a Ticket Wednesday 27th February

It occurred to us that we'd never done a USA tasting, which considering how awesome some of their wine can be, is a poor oversight. They make the best wine movies, too, and it means we can watch Bottle Shock and Sideways all over again to find some inspiration.  Sure, we'll do the Napa Valley blockbusters, which made the country famous (in wine terms), but we'll also visit some of the smaller regions of California, such as Anderson Valley and Paso Robles, and travel all the way up the west coast to Oregon and dive in to some fantastic Pinot Noir.  Why not come and join us? USA! USA! USA!


South Africa £15 a Ticket Wednesday 27th March

A bit of a speciality here at Quaff!  We stock lots of amazing producers from the Cape and it’s about time we cracked some open again!  We refresh our selection pretty regularly, and we have some new faves  to show off such as Lanzerac, the producers to first bottle South Africa’s iconic grape, Pinotage, and Delaire Graff. We'll also discover some off-piste wines through Adi Badenhorst and his eclectic approach to wine-making. We'll also revisit some old school highlights from around Stellenbosch.  We can’t promise the 30 degree heat and sunshine, but we can promise some amazing wines!


Chiantishire! £20 a Ticket Wednesday 24th April

Chianti, one of the most famous wine regions on earth, often seems to have a mixed reputation in the UK.  Perhaps this is on account of dubious straw-covered bottles in trattorias of years gone by, perhaps it's simply because a six quid supermarket offering will never do justice to this fabled region.  We’ll explore the different classifications and sub-regions of both Chianti and the wider region of Tuscany, and the various grape varieties used.  We hope you’ll never look at Chianti in the same way again.


Obscure France £15 a Ticket Wednesday 29th May

Sure, everybody has heard of Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne, but what about Gaillac, the Côte Roannaise, Luberon or Jurançon?  Join us for an evening where we dive into the corners of France more likely to be featured in novels, and less often found in English language wine textbooks. These will be wines almost certainly not featured in your local supermarket; if you want to get off the beaten track, this is the night to come to!


Forgotten Worlds £15 a Ticket Wednesday 26th June

One of our favourite tastings of the year!  Syrah from Lebanon?  St Laurent from Hungary?  Pinot Noir from Romania?  We’ll be opening up bottles from countries you may not have even realised produce wines.  We’ve been stocking wines from these countries for years and again and again, we're blown away by the standard from these places.  They give the more traditional wine nations such as France and Italy a good run for their money!